Why Use Hootsuite? No Really, Why?

Is there a compelling reason to use Hootsuite?

Anyone who has been on Twitter for more than 2 minutes will have seen links being shared with various URL shorteners. Among them they might also see Hootsuite’s ow.ly and ht.ly shortened links. ow.ly links should redirect them to the original url whereas ht.ly links will take them to the original url wrapped in an iframe. It’s this iframe that I really don’t get, why does anyone use it?

The ht.ly iframe offers no real functionality to the end user, the ability to tweet or social bookmark is given on most sites now. Hootsuite’s user base of just over 1,000,000 is not big enough for the voting buttons to be really interesting. What about StumbleUpon’s su.pr toolbar you ask? Well, StumbleUpon have a user base of 13,500,000 whose main interest is in thumbing content up or down… different kettle of fish.

On top of that there are security concerns with using iframes to wrap content.

Features of Hootsuite

I know Hootsuite has various features which are great for social media consultants, managers and “gurus”. Hootsuite offers analytics, team working, scheduled tweets and a raft of other things that, whilst not exclusive to Hootsuite, are incredibly helpful to the professional user.

Why, of all people, these users use insist on using the ht.ly shortener is utterly beyond me. Shouldn’t they know better?

Or am I an arse? Have I got it wrong? Is there a compelling reason to use Hootsuite’s ht.ly service?

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