Rant: “Live Tweeting”


With the exception of the seemingly endangered FailWhale making an appearance Tweeting is ‘LIVE’ by definition.

You are NOT doing anything other than NOT paying attention to whichever poor sod it is that is speaking / presenting / dying / shaving their pubis.

Essentially you are implying that you are somehow tweeting in even more realtime than anyone else, you egotistical introverted spudnut.

I’ve had it with this terminolowankery.


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  1. +2 For use of SpudNuts (twice).

    I always get bothered by folk tweeting constantly from conferences, but found myself in the unusual situation of being at one I wanted to tweet about frequently (Turing Festival in August). This was mostly to post inappropriate jokes about speakers and attendees on their unfiltered wall projection of the #tfest hashtag behind the stage.

    The solution I hit upon to not flood my feed was to start the message with @turingfestival, so only those following me and Turing would see the spamfeediness. Just wish everyone I follow would realise the same technique.

    1. The second “spudnuts” was originally “fudds” but I thought it a little harsh perhaps, though it is also a massively underused word!

      I know exactly what you mean about twitter walls too, there’s bugger all new about using them – especially at techie conferences you’d think they’d show some innovation rather than simply regurgitating a hashtag.

      Also, I have a couple of other accounts for punishing those silly & lazy enough to not filter their twitterwalls. It’s purile, but educational and cathartic.

    1. Quite. Unless, of course, we’re talking about ‘Live at the Apollo’ which is the greatest, and first, ‘live’ album by the greatest musician of all time. Fact.

      IDT. INDT.

  2. This is a particularly annoying occurrence on my timeline, especially for those events that have taken weeks to grind to a start. Seriously, if I wanted to know what is being said, I would’ve paid for a damn ticket. What use do they think ‘@andrewburnett just said ‘Fudds’ on stage’ is to me when I’m sitting trying to concentrate on Susanna Reid at breakfast time.

    Your point about the poor sap on the podium pouring out their knowledge getting pretty chuffed off is a great one as well. Looking down to see a fair proportion of the audience furiously tweeting their every utterance about the future of (fill in your own topic here) must be soul destroying. Even worse when they look back after the event at what was being said and find the #tag attached to a ton of tweets about how good the bacon rolls are!

    BTW, you should never have to think twice about using ‘Fudds’ as an insult! Its quite an exceptional putdown!

  3. Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by!

    I just Googled Susanna Reid, you clearly appreciate the aesthetic things in life. Also, nice use of the ‘concentrate’ euphemism.

    Actually, a combination of ‘fudds’ and lack of concentration in the audience has given me an idea for a slide for future presentations.

  4. Do you have a suggestion for a proper term, oh high ruler of Twitter? LOL 2011. Was I alive then?

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