Are You Big Enough To Be Anti Social?

Despite social media still being the de-facto buzzword in all things digital it seems that some still don’t get it. Not just your uncle Cedric either, I’m talking about people who’re actually in the business.

A couple of the social media big boys have been anti social recently. Digg is currently bent over nanny karma’s knee getting spanked whilst Twitter is still waiting for daddy to find out that they’ve shat in his slippers.

Digg’s currently suffering a well documented drop in traffic because of a radical redesign (and rebuild). Their latest version has, in an attempt to increase socialness, stripped out many social features. Users no longer feel the same loyalty, no longer get “frontpage points” on their profiles, no longer can see what their friends are commenting on or submitting. Users have lost enthusiasm and desire to evangelise about the site.

In Digg’s defence, they are starting to make changes. I believe they should, with the data and sentiment available to them, come back from this blip.

Twitter made a change with #newtwitter which removes the source link from tweets on It is still available through the Twitter API. It still shows up on apps. It’s still a kick in the plums to developers who no longer get links on tweets from in exchange for their efforts. Apps by these developers have helped make Twitter as big as it is today. Twitter clients added a level of functionality and usability which made tweeting much easier, informative and addictive.

Shame really, but Twitter are ubiquitous enough to get away with being antisocial in their own home. Developers will no longer get their Twitter clients found through the curiosity of new users on Twitter clients are now challenged with finding endorsement through other channels.

Twitter get away with it because most of their current users are entirely unaffected by it.

Twitter has become a standard channel of communication and Digg is a hugely popular website. Both belong to socialmedia and yet both have had accusations of being antisocial due to recent changes.

What it means for you

If your website or service is due to have an overhaul / release a new version, you have to ask yourself the question:

Am I big enough to be antisocial?