Create a Skittles.com TwitterSearch Front Page

Today Twitter has been on fire with Skittles.com’s stunt of replacing their front page with a TwitterSearch page for skittles.

@jennielees asked how they [skittles] could measure the visitor numbers and so on.

The answer lies in the source code of course… The page is still hosted on skittles.com, there is simply an iframe on the page with its source set as being http://search.twitter.com/search?q=skittles .

The aim of this post is not to belittle the brilliant concept of replacing your own content with what people on Twitter are saying about your product.

How to Create a Skittles.com TwitterSearch Front Page Yourself

It could not be simpler ladies and gentlemen.

Go to this page, copy the source code and replace “andrewburnett” with whatever it is you want to appear in the TwitterSearch. (You’ll also want to delete or change the Google Analytics script).


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