The Feel Good Factor Of Social Media

Social Media is all about people and emotion. Last week I realised getting out and meeting local people I interact with on Twitter was an exceptionally good idea. There is so much more you can say over coffee or beer than in 140 characters. People.

I also had my ego stroked. Emotion. Last week I spotted this from @clarocada [David Petherick]:

This will make you smile: Top 83 Tweets of 2008 http:/ /
@clarocada’s tweet

When I clicked on the link to Top 83 Tweets of 2008 [Originally linked blog post no longer exists] I got a wonderful surprise! There was @andrewburnett at the top of the list!

When People Feel Good

They tell other people. They retweet. They StumbleUpon. They Friendfeed. I know I do :)

When people tell other people through their various channels wonderful things start to happen:

Most popular blog post of last 6 months
Most popular blog post of last 6 months
Traffic up 334%
Traffic up 334%
Silly amounts of traffic
Silly amounts of traffic
traffic up 665% over yesterday's high!
traffic up 665% over yesterday\’s high!

Make People Feel Good

Making people feel good means more people visit your website, it is that simple. Even better, if more people visit your site how are you going to feel?

How are you going to feel if more than 3 times as many people visit your website today compared with yesterday? How are you going to feel if 6 times today’s visitors come tomorrow? Thought so, me too.

Is Social Media Worth It?

Of course it is. Not only can you make others feel good but you can feel good doing it too!

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  1. Indeedy. And now I feel good too, because now Andrew’s written about me. My ego is flattered too. And it all started because he once said something that amused me – and I simply clicked, copied, and shared it on my blog.

    The inescapable logic of social media from a business perspective is that you tend to do business with, and refer business to, people that you know, like, and trust. Online tools like Twitter are an excellent way to find out more about people and their businesses, and tell people about your business, so that you can build up friendship and trust.

    By the way, if you’re confused about, or just starting to use Twitter, there’s a great online guide to using Twitter (beautifully designed and very well written with links to excellent tools) at

    I know Andrew is in Edinburgh, likes whisky, and does good things for web sites, so that’s three things we have in common. And we’ve never met. So we’ll need to remedy that, as we both know it’ll probably make us feel good. And that’s always worthwhile for any business.

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