Social Media: Always On

Social media is always on, simple as that, the internet never sleeps.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week people are tweeting, blogging, facebooking their delight, disappointment and endorsements (as well as a load of nonsense). The point is, just because you’re not listening doesn’t mean people aren’t talking – they are.

Even on Christmas Day, social media is always on. In fact that makes quite a good analogy:

Always on, even on Christmas Day

On Christmas, Aunt Mabel always tells her funny stories, Grandma Palmer complains about the price of Preparation H, your cousins giggle inanely at nothing and everyone else comments on their behaviour. Social Media is no different. Even on Christmas Day (or on Eid, Hanukkah, Pancha Ganapati or the Zarathustrian equivalent) social media continues its relentless idiosynchracies. Imagine Mabel, Grandma and the cousins all had an iPhone and were at it under the table… that’s what IS happening online.

Some questions you might have may include:
Whether you want to listen to what they’re saying or not?
Whether you want to engage in the discussion or whether you want to sit it out?
Whether you should participate or shut it?
Whether Grandma is a charlatan on her chosen topic?

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