Interested in Subverting Interested?
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Interested in Subverting Interested?

So, Facebook has replaced the “maybe” button for events. This means, very simply, that people will now have to either say “Interested” / “Going” or, “Ignore”. A lot has been made of “Interested” whilst it would seem that “Can’t go” being replaced by “Ignore” has largely, well, largely been ignored… anyway, never mind about that,…


Money for Hate

Something, or rather someone, has reared their, frankly, blandly mediocre head above the parapet of castle hate. Samantha Brick, I’m sure you’ll know by now, wrote an article in the DailyMail about how tough her life is as a beautiful woman. The DailyMail, in an inspired moment, realised the potential of this hatebait article and…