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  • A Tale of Two Fannies

    What a week it has been for fannies in social media, myself included*. The thing is there’s funny fanny, and then there’s silly fanny. Read more →


  • Money for Hate

    Something, or rather someone, has reared their, frankly, blandly mediocre head above the parapet of castle hate. Samantha Brick, I’m sure you’ll know by now, wrote an article in the DailyMail about how tough her life is as a beautiful woman. The DailyMail, in an Read more →


  • ThinkVisibility 7: Think Harder.

    The 2 events I look forward to each year more than any other are ThinkVisibility March and ThinkVisibility September. They simply are the greatest conferences. This time was no exception. Both in terms of the presentations and the attendees, it is a friendly, informative, face-hurtingly Read more →


  • The Unreality Of Interlinked Social Media

    An alternative title might be: “Would messrs Tumblr and Google+ et al kindly digitus extractus and embrace social sharing”. Read more →

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  • Rant: “Live Tweeting”

    With the exception of the seemingly endangered FailWhale making an appearance Tweeting is ‘LIVE’ by definition. You are NOT doing anything other than NOT paying attention to whichever poor sod it is that is speaking / presenting / dying / shaving their pubis. Essentially you Read more →


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