Love Da Pop, Bugger Da Brand (maybe?)

LoveDaPop, recent Dragon’s Den candidates, recipients of £70,000 of investment from Peter Jones and Saatchi & Saatchi London employees have shown just how utterly shit they are at social media.

They cynically attempted to promote their product on the back of the London riots:

Tweet reads: "Guys there's enough popcorn for everyone- you don't need to go looting. #dragonsden #riot"

They’re not the first to try such a stunt, which makes it all the more idiotic. Didn’t they read AdAge’s post about Kenneth Cole pissing off all of Twitter with his tweet about the Egyptian riots? Did they think that Econsultancy’s piece on Habitat riling Twitter when they spammed the hashtags #Iran and #Mousavi?

They then went on to:

  • Delete the “ill-advised” tweet (seriously, LoveDaPop, ill-advised? That’s as strongly as your prepared to word your mea culpa?)
  • Post another tweet, which still marketed their popcorn, albeit offered it for free to #riotwombles & #riotcleanup. Even setting up a new email address for it.
  • Post a tweet apologising for the “ill-advised” tweet and stating that they want to “help in any way we can”

The Effects of Being an Arse in the Social Space

At the time of writing this, my Twitpic has had around 1250 views in the space of about an hour. That’s one person every 3 seconds getting exposed to the message, you could say it has gone a bit viral, not a lot, but a bit. Those views come from, believe it or not, only 44 tweets as the screengrab below shows (screengrab from the frankly wonderful

Whereas, LoveDaPop’s special email address they set up to offer got exactly ZERO retweets:

What LoveDaPop Could / Should Do to Redeem Themselves

It’s not about deleting tweets, it’s not about apologising, it’s not about saving face. They said they want to “help in any way we can” yet it would appear they don’t have a clue about what they can actually do. Well, here are some pointers, for free:

  • Since you’re in London, get off your arses and go help people on the ground.
  • If you can’t be arsed to get involved in realtime, get involved on Twitter, don’t leave it at that one tweet.
  • Get someone who has a clue to educate you a bit in social media manners

Only, don’t come to me looking for help. You’re on my banned list. As is anyone else who could possibly entertain the thought that trying to market popcorn on the back of rioting, looting and human suffering is in anyway even remotely acceptable no matter the medium you use to do it.