7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Shite the kilt I must be popular, I’ve been tagged twice for this malarky! Richard at Makakmedia sprung it upon me and then Paul at Northsouthmedia just got me too. So I better get this done before every other bugger on the planet has done it.

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  1. I wore my father’s wedding dress to get married in.
  2. I have 42 James Brown Albums on vinyl, 38 are original pressings.
  3. I have the same ethnicity as James Bond (Scottish Father / Swiss Mother).
  4. My Achilles tendons are as thick as your thumb.
  5. Amongst the random crap I have collected are 6 rubber bullets.
  6. The Swiss army gave me a medical certificate stating I should “lie down as required”.
  7. I tried to have a child with my first girlfriend by planting lettuce seeds in her navel. (Aged 4)

Right now for tagging the 7 lucky sods who get to reply, in no particular order (but locals last :P):

Vladimir Prelovac
Alastair McDermott
Roberta Kyle
Stephanie Hicks
Mike Coulter
David Hamill [Originally linked article no longer exists]


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  1. Your achillies are as thick as your thumb, eh! Mine’s were as thick as ma heid and still snapped, I think the lettuce story is great, I’m sure that’s how we had our last :)

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