You need an SEO or a new one if:

Generally speaking new clients fall into one of two categories: Those who have never had any SEO done and more shockingly those who have already paid good money for SEO and still have massive on-page issues standing in the way of their SEO success.

The purpose of this post is to act as a quick checklist for anyone with a website to see if it performs.


Navigate your website, does the address shown in the address bar change?

If it doesn’t change your website probably uses frames. This greatly hinders any efforts you may make. Unfortunately this normally means rebuilding your website before any real success on search engines can be realised

Two versions

Next go to the address bar of your browser and enter your website address, press enter. If you started address with “www.” remove it, or if you started it without “www.” add it and hit enter again. Do both versions of the address appear in the address bar?

This is known as “canonicalisation”, basically you only want one of the two to appear. Search engines can look at these two addresses as being duplicate versions of your website. This is normally a quick job to fix, but is best done by someone who knows what they are doing.

“Untitled Document” and other title issues

Does the title of your browser ever show “Untitled Document” when you browse your website? Is the title ever the same on two different pages? If the answer to either of these questions is yes it is best to address this, the search engines will thank you for it.

Header tags

Navigate to your website, any page you like, check a number of them if you like. Next view the source code of the page, right clicking (PC) or Ctrl+click (Mac) and select “View Source”. Next search through the code for “<h1>”,
<h2>”, <h3>”. If you don’t find any, your site needs some work to be optimally equipped for the search engines.

Ranking for site name

Go to and search for your site name. Is your website within the top few results? If your site is older than a couple of months and not in the top few places for its name, your SEO is probably not up to scratch. This is a very general test, but can give a good indication.

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